Welcome to the Philippine Lipid and Atherosclerosis Society, an organization with a mission to advance advocacy, education and research in lipid and atherosclerosis related disorders in the Philippines. I am honored and humbled to serve as the President for 2022-2024 in this worthy visionary and inspired group working with passion.

The next two years will be productive ones with the following objectives in mind :
1. To create educational tools locally to increase awareness and familiarity with managing dyslipidemia. Through these efforts, we hope to formulate a certifying course for Philippine lipid specialists to ensure continued care for patients with cholesterol issues in the years to come.

2. To increase the society’s local and international presence through partnerships and collaborations with organizations. This will allow PLAS members access to meetings and scientific discourses to keep updated on the latest trials and recommendations not just in the Asia-Pacific region but also globally.

3. To encourage members to heighten research output to produce scientific publications with the future goal of formulating a Philippine lipid database rich with local statistics and findings unique to the Philippine population. Efforts to support research from prevalence reporting to actual interventions will be a foremost priority to serve to impact future guidelines and health care policies

4. To promote the advocacy for Familial Hypercholesterolemia (FH) with a move to strengthen awareness for both healthcare workers and patients. This will entail greater screening and recruitment for the development of our very own FH registry reaching out to our identified FH Champion physicians.

Thank you for a strong board that continues to invest their time and efforts into the endeavors of our society. We look forward to the next two years and the contributions we will be making in the dyslipidemia situation here in the Philippines.

We hope to enjoin more members to become a part of our group to contribute to the achievements of the Philippine Lipid and Atherosclerosis society to leave a footprint for lipid management among the Filipino people now and for future generations.


Lourdes Ella G. Santos, MD
Preventive Cardiology, Clinical Lipidology and Hypertension