History of Philippine Lipid & Atherosclerosis Society

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Mission & Vision

Our Mission
is to prevent and control lipid disorders in the Philippines.

Our Vision
is to minimize the impact of lipid disorders on atherosclerosis.

Our Values


Above all, we respect and care for life. The Divine Presence has gifted us with uncommon knowledge and it is right that we devote it to serving His greatest gift of human life.


*guides us in saving and maintaining quality of life. honesty, sincerity, fairness and a strong sense of ethics rule our conduct. Wanting to be always trustworthy, we practice medicine with honor.


We take our responsibilities as God's caretakers of human life passionately and conscientiously , giving our best at all times.


To us, any medical challenge is an opportunity for improving our knowledge and skills. We pursue every opportunity like a renewed challenge towards excellence in delivering healthcare.


Patients and the general community are family in healthcare. our family includes the patients' families, the lay sector, other medical practitioners, healthcare industry, and the regional and global bodies dedicated to the same cause minimizing the impact of lipid disorders.


We put premium on quality and compassion in patient care. To ensure high quality , we continuously research, learn, and share new knowledge with our healthcare partners so that, together, we successfully prevent and control lipid disorders in our country.

Officers & members of board of Directors

Dr. Roberto C. Mirasol

Dr. Adriel E. Guerrero
Vice President

Dr. Deborah Ignacia D. Ona

Dr. Lourdes Ella G. Santos

Dr. Elmer Jasper B. Llanes

Dr. Laura Rosario T. Acampado

Dr. Cecilia A. Jimeno

Dr. Lynn A. Gomez

Dr. Frederick Cheng

Dr. Eugenio Jose F. Ramos
Immediate Past President